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When We Adult Is Not Means We Know Everything. This Book Explained!

Senjahari.com - 21/11/2021

Book of Kim Haenam

Penulis : Dinda Pranata

Every children wants to grow up quickly. It’s because they think that they could get all answer of their question in adulthood. The other side, some adult sometimes hope that they could back to childhood when they feel trap in life. This’s like a dilemma for us.

What we think and what reality said is different. But, Yes! As adult you can get answer of your childhood problems. But another side the question will be wider that you think. One of Self-Improvement Book of Kim Haenam and Park Jong Seok will open your mind about the dilemma.

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Human is Complex and Easy Stuck In Their Ignorance

As you get older, it doesn’t mean you know everything. If person compare themselves when their childhood with their adulthood, of course the adult know a lot of things than childhood. But the problem is as an adult we often compared our self with other adult person. Because of this some people stuck in unstable emotion that make them suffer and depression. For example, you can’t speak English fluently but your friend can speak it fluently. You will easy judge yourself as stupid person and not see your other side such as your ability in math.

What are you saying to your self sometimes make wound in your heart. Unhealed wound will be deeper before you realized it. Why? Because your wound is not only come from your self but from other people who you’ve meet also.

In some factor of psychology disorder actually come from the people’s Ignorance. What kind of ignorance? Such as the ignorance of how to treat someone. Then the ignorance of how nurture a kid, the ignorance of how to communicate with others, etc. For example the traumatize event in childhood are a lot of came from the ignorance of their parent . Ignorance parenting system such how nurture their kids, how to communicate the emotions, etc. Others, Some of eating disorder patient in this book is come from the ignorance how to love their self better without following beauty standard of others. So, why we so hard to our self? and why we so complicated?

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Feeling And Thought Is Human’s Nature

Yes, Human is complicated. They have feeling and thought that make them so complicated to understand. They know that it is impossible if you understand everything (Mind), but at some point, some of them rejected to see that is as impossible thing since they will be ashamed with their ignorance (Feeling). That’s why we can say human is complicated. Complication of them lies on incompatible mind and feeling. So, they need someone to help us to understand about our self to be better, such psychologist or psychiatrist

Jika dilihat dari luar pribadi Soo Yeong terlihat tenang, dingin, kuat, dan serba bisa, tapi di dalamnya dia tertekan dan hampa. Karena itu, setelah berkonsultasi, dia tahu mengapa dirinya merasa hampa dan kosong meskipun memiliki pencapaian dan pengakuan dari orang lain.

Ku pikir segalanya akan beres saat aku dewasa hal 279.

What Does This Book Tell About And Has It Answered What We Want To Know About Mental Health?

In this book is tell about story people or patient of Kim Haenam Psychologist. The stories are how behavior of someone who experience in eating disorder. Then, why people tend to feel uncomfortable when they achieved something. What the reason why housewife could feel blue suddenly, etc. Evenly they are push too hard their self and they don’t have someone who understand them. And once back again the human ignorance for threating someone in better way. But has it answered what we want to know about mental health?

If you want to know mental health in detail, you just get half of answered from this book. The CHALLENGE is you didn’t get detail any information about how psychology disorder occurs. Or maybe, how treatment when someone has experience in one kind of disorder, what is background of someone get a disorder experiences. So, what does this book want to tell you?

Book of kim haenam want to tell us that we must be aware about our mental health. Not just aware about our self but people in our surrounding also.

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